Wyanga Park Winery – Art, Food & Wine in Gippsland

Art at Wyanga Park Winery Cafe Lakes EntranceMy Mum and Dad to decided to visit us in our new home in Gippsland for my Dad’s birthday recently. His birthday fell on a Monday which is not ideal when you live in country Victoria. This is because, in the country, you’re hard pushed for any of the ‘special occasion’ restaurants to open for meals, let alone any wineries.  Continue reading

Gippsland Wineries: Visiting Tambo Winery

Tambo WineryMr Spittoon and I recently took a drive to visit our 21st winery here in Victoria – Tambo Winery. I initially spotted Tambo on Instagram and after looking through their feed, I immediately knew we had to visit. Their Insta feed is full of pictures of their pet cat and dogs. Actually, their feed has more pictures of the animals than the wine, which I find rather funny and I am definitely not complaining. Continue reading

Gippsland Wineries: Lightfoot and Sons – O.M.G!

An afternoon at Lightfoot and Sons winery in Gippsland

We visited Lightfoot and Sons a couple of months ago now, and I still can’t get over their awesomeness. My first introduction to this Gippsland winery was at a local eating and drinking establishment here in Sale, Victoria called Portside. Over dinner, Mr Spittoon and I ordered a bottle of the Lightfoot and Sons 2017 Myrtle Point Rosé and my taste buds were in love! Continue reading