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The tasty truth about the new generation of German wines

It’s hard to mention German wines without thoughts of Riesling popping into your head. It is an amazing grape that produces wildly diverse styles of wine, everything from bone-dry to luscious sweet tipples. It is the queen of German wines that sometimes hides us from the other delectable goodies coming out of this great land….

Wine Reviews

Chateau de Laubade Bas Armagnac Master Class at Amathus, London

To launch the beginning of Amathus Drinks monthly master classes, they invited the only Armagnac house in the world that has been awarded ‘World Class Distillery’ for the last 3 years – Chateau de Laubade Bas Armagnac (CLBA). The class was held in their Soho based store in the heart of London and I was…

Wine Reviews

Visiting the Champagne Houses – Charles Mignon, Epernay

The Champagne house of Charles Mignon is an easy 10-minute walk from the Epernay train station. We were lucky enough to be shown around the facility by the Winemaker himself – Fabian Daviaux. Although the house is on the small side, they actually have another facility on the other side of Epernay, which helps them…

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Le Cantine di Greve in Chianti – wine tasting in Tuscany, Italy

Everyone knows Tuscan wines, particularly Chianti but when you’re planning on visiting the famed Tuscan wine country – it is not so easy to work out where to go and how to get there. Let alone making reservations to visit wineries. Tuscany is not public transport friendly. As I have a Eurail train pass, I…