‘When you have rum, you always have a good time’ – Rum Dinner at Angel’s Cut by The Trustree

Rum Dinner at Angel's Cut by The Trustee - Angostura 1824 & Jaffas TartsDisclosure: I was gifted 2 seats at the latest rum dinner at Angels Cut by The Trustee.

I’ve never been to degustation devoted to rum. I’ve drunk my fair share of white rum in mojitos, Ron Matusalem when I felt like getting rum-fancy and guess what, I’ve even visited the Bundaberg Rum factory in Queensland! But I’ve never attended a 5-course dinner matched with rum. And to be honest with you, my knowledge of Angostura products up until now was severely limited to that of the bitters with its bright yellow cap and white paper label, lo and behold they produce a delicious lineup of oh so delectable rums. Continue reading

Fillaudeau’s Cafe Restaurant – Swan Valley, Perth

Our own mini-degustation…

I have been very selfish, I have been putting off writing this post for sometime because I have perhaps stumbled across the Swan Valley’s best-kept secret. Fillaudeau’s Café Restaurant is located at the Pinelli Estate Vineyard in the Swan Valley. Manu, the French Chef behind the amazing food and his wife Jasmin opened the restaurant in April 2012 – and can I just say WOW!

I had briefly stopped into Fillaudeau’s for a platter one day (read my post here), and after perusing the menu over and over again I just knew I had to go back for more. Mr. Spittoon decided to surprise me one night and guess what, he booked us in at Fillaudeau’s and snce we were walking (at the time we lived about 1.5kms away) he suggested we do our own mini-degustation. He sure knows how to make my heart flutter!

If you’re after a romantic dinner, Fillaudeau’s is definitely the spot. The candlelit restaurant overlooking the vines at dusk is simply mesmerising. What I loved, was our table for two by the window was set up so we were looking out to the vines, it honestly made us feel like we were in our own bubble…uhhh romance. I’m swooning just writing this post!

The food is a fusion of French, Mediterranean and Modern Australian. To be honest, Mr. Spittoon and I are not that up with all those fancy food terms so at first glance of the menu.. we were just like .. what the..? We even had to google EVOO, as we didn’t realize that meant extra virgin olive oil!

However don’t fret as everything on the menu is rather normal, we even asked the waitress a few things who was more than happy to help us out. And more importantly, she didn’t make us feel stupid for not knowing what the fancy food words meant!

Soooo… lets get to the tasty part.. here is what our mini-degustation consisted of:

To start..

House made wholemeal bread, French baguette, house made dukkah, Cooladera farm EVOO (Frankland River), and balsamic reduction AU$13


Pinelli 2010 ‘Breanna’ Rose (read my tasting note here). AU$8 per glass.

Pinelli Chenin Blanc (read my tasting note here). AU$8 per glass.


“Manu’s Floating Pie”, beef bourguignon rolled in filo pastry, served on a pea and minut puree with beef dripping potatoes and vegetable ribbons. I can’t remember the exact price AU$30-40.

Waygu Steak with garlic and parsely sautéed potatoes, garden salad and blue cheese sauce. AU$30-40.


Pinelli 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon from their Margaret River vines (read my tasting note here). AU$10 per glass.

Pinelli 2009 Shiraz (read my tasting note here). AU$8 per glass.

For dessert..

Dessert Platter; tangy lemon and meringue tart, blackcurrant and port poached pear, crepe suzette and white chocolate panacota. AU$28


Pinelli 2011 Late Harvest Dessert wine (read my tasting note here). AU$15 for a half bottle.

Boy did we indulgence and oh boy were we in food coma dazes by the end. The food, the wine, the location were all magnificent. The favourite dish, a consesnsus between Mr. Spittoon and I was definitely the Floating Pie, followed closely by the dessert platter. The least favourite was the wagyu steak – it was nice, but it just didn’t have that memorable nature about it like the other dishes.

Fillaudeau's Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Mr. Spittoon won MANY brownie points for pulling this ‘out of the blue’ date off. He now knows the key to my wino/foodie heart, that’s for sure!

For more info please check out Fillaudeau’s website here and keep up to date with all their news on their facebook page.

Bon appetit!

Rockcliffe Wine Dinner at Jezebelle, Guildford – Perth

Rockcliffe wine dinner at jezebelle in Guildford

I just loved the electrifying fizz of the two put together…

Jezebelle is a trendy little tapas type bar in the historic town of Guildford, a 20 minute drive from Perth City. Recently Jezebelle have teamed up Rockcliffe wines from Denmark, West Australia to hold wine dinners. These wine dinners are aimed at showcasing how food and wine can harmoniously and mouth-wateringly marry together. Wine and food matching is not an easy feat and the trial and error process can be exhausting, however Jezebelle & Rockcliffe will take care of that for you!

Rockcliffe wine dinner at jezebelle in Guildford
The dinner I attended was on Thursday the 30th of May. The evening begins around 6pm and finished approximately 9:30pm. The ticket price is a very reasonable AU$80 which included 10 wines (a glass of sparkling to start with following by about a 55ml pour of 8 different wines), 9 delectable tapas presented like works of art, a gorgeous host (big thanks to Phillipa!)  to guide you through the wine and food matching throughout the night and of course a great setting with plenty of fellow wine and food appreciators so you can mingle and chat the night away.

The restaurant is set up with long tables so you can chat easily and freely over your delectable delights. I have been to Jezebelle on various occasions, for breakfast (big favourite!! Read my review here), for lunch and for cocktails & tapas. I have never been a fan of the interior design of the restaurant, I am thinking maybe because every time I have been it was during the day however when having dinner at Jezebelle I actually thought the interior design felt at place. It seemed very suave and cosy, however the chairs didn’t get any more comfortable sadly.

So let’s move onto the actual wine dinner! Check out this gorgeous menu:

Rockcliffe wine dinner at jezebelle in Guildford menu
I have to admit the wine pairings were exceptional and it was great having all 3 tapas and the 3 wines at the same time for each course so you could play around with the flavours of the food and flavours of the different wines. My favourites of the night had to be the Tiger Prawn Taco (the guacamole was insane!) matched with the 2013 Riesling, the Beef Fillet with PX
Shallots and Blue Cheese Butter matched with the 2008 Shiraz and I just loved both the Baked Camembert & Quince as well as the Panna Cotta & Sherbet (this was a match made in heaven with the Sparkling Shiraz for me, I just loved the electrifying fizz of the two put together!). Check out my mouth-wateringly enticing photos here.

Rockcliffe wine dinner at jezebelle in Guildford first course

I actually have to admit I loved all the courses. My only qualms would be that some of my tapas were a touch cold when I got them, would have loved them to be a bit warmer but hey I still loved them. I also would have liked to have had different wine glasses, I know this is my wine snob side coming out, but I truly believe a decent glass can take a wine to that next level of enjoyment.

Jezebelle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I will be popping up tasting notes in my 365 Wines in 2013 facebook album, please note there was absolutely no spitting tonight so all my notes are based on the full wine-food-atmosphere experience (that’s the best kind isn’t it?!). I definitely have taken away some new wine and food matching skills and I am looking forward to trying these new delicious combos on friends and family, watch out guys!

PS: Good news everyone, Jezebelle will be hosting a Spanish Wine & Degustation Evening as well as a French Wine & Degustation Evening over the next couple of months. For information on events at Jezebelle please click here. And for more information on Rockcliffe wines pleas click here.