Winesave Pro – Argon Wine Preserver Spray



“Must have wine accessory of the year.” – Decanter Magazine

“More effective than it’s predecessors for keeping wine fresh in an opened bottle.” – Jancis Robinson

“It is the Krug Champagne of wine preservation systems and one simply has to try it to become a true believer.” – John Gilman (View from the Cellar)

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to keep your wine tasting good for longer, then at $35 it’s a pretty good investment.

And thanks to the wonderful team at Winesave, we have an affiliate partnership which means you can get an extra 15% off by using the code: 2021TCBLOG15.

One canister of this 100% all-natural argon gas protects up to 150 bottles. Basically the gas is like a protective blanket which stops oxygen getting to the wines surface in the bottle and deteriorating that liquid gold we all love so much.

Once you’ve opened the bottle and decide you want to keep it for a later date, simply spray some Winesave Pro into the bottle, seal it back up and store it upright in proper conditions and then you can enjoy your wine in pristine condition later.

Winesave Pro FAQs

Do you think it’s worth the price?
For $35 (and that’s without my discount code above), I most definitely think it’s worth the price. One canister can help prolong the life of up to 150 bottles!

How does Winesave compare to Coravin?
I believe these two products are for different situations. Winesave is your everyday wine preserver spray to prolong that bottle you cracked for a bit longer, while Coravin (read my full review of Coravin here) is for those bottles that you want to taste and then keep for months or years. For instance if you have a Penfolds Grange in your cellar, you may want to pop the Coravin in through the cork, give it a taste, see how it’s ageing and then decide whether to continue to age or drink it. The risk of a wine oxidising using a Coravin (especially on a cork sealed bottle) is very slim as the hole that the Coravin needle makes through the cork is so small.

How long does Winesave keep your wine for?
Winesave say “days, weeks, or even months” however it’s important you follow their expert Winesave tips to ensure the wine preserver spray is as effective as possible.