SOMM Blinders Game – Blind Wine Tasting Game

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“A game of tactics. Tricking the competition into sipping in the first round, having your partner tip her unfinished wine into your glass so you are mortal by the 3rd game. You need to be bold and call it for the big points, or to go out backwards. Fun game” – David.A

Have you watch SOMM the American documentary that follows 4 Master Sommelier candidates? It’s a fantastic look into the world of what it’s like to become a Master Sommelier and now it’s a card game that any wine lover can play. Whether you’re a pro or have a basic knowledge and just love to drink the stuff, SOMM promises to be a great night in.

“You don’t need to know anything about wine to have an awesome night with your friends” – Jenny.A

I have personally played the game a ton and I LOVE IT! Yep I might be slightly addicted. It’s such a fun night in and my family and friends agree.

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