Your wine grape personality match

Karlštejn wine festival Czech RepublicI would have to be a Chardy; due to my sheer effort to make my mark all around this world of ours. I am versatile (hello, biggest boozer at uni and now I am living in a strict Muslim emirate!), unpredictable or maybe more accurately I tend to dreamily waver to and from between different ‘amazing and life-changing’ ideas that seem to crop up in my mind – who knows where I will be in a year, perhaps trying to make wine in India!

If that doesn’t sound like you, perhaps your one of those strong, intelligent, and a bit stuck up types – whose always well-dressed and well-travelled. You’re the George Clooney of men, not only are your appearances improving with age but you’re becoming more intriguing by the year – a good conversationalist. If this sounds like you, you may be a bit of a swish Cab Sauv.

Or maybe you’re of the racy Sauvignon Blanc persona – you’re not afraid to speak your mind, straight to the point and not scared to show off those razor-sharp manicured nails of yours. Even though you may try to fool yourself at times, you really were your best in your younger years – sad to say but being a mutton dressed as lamb is not your best side!

Mr. Malbec likes to be the Edward Cullen (sorry can’t help myself, such a Twi-hard fan!) of the party, piercing you with that deep, dark, rather sexy stare from the corner of the room. You can see from his fancy leather jacket that he is a tough-guy to say the least, though be careful what you say around these ones as they tend to be fairly thin-skinned. He may regularly be described by friends as a SNAG (sensitive-new-age-guy).

You definitely won’t see a Viognier standing in the corner that’s for sure. They are the fashionistas of the world, known to be perhaps a little high maintenance. You may also find these rather extravagant ones interested in a touch of cross-dressing at times.. Perhaps they like to venture to Thailand every once in a awhile or simply have a strong affinity for a tasty Pad Thai every now and then.

I wish I had the time to go on forever – this is surprisingly very entertaining thinking about all the possibilities. Till the next full moon……

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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