The Edward Cullen Grape – Malbec

The Edward Cullen Grape – Malbec

A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to match human personalities to grape characteristics. Completely unintentionally I suggest the Twilight hero Edward Cullen to suit the profile of Malbec – something to do with its dark, sexy, mysterious nature. Did I mention sexy??

Okay, it could possibly be a coincidence that I have a sickly teenage crush on both the subjects concerned here but I do have a good reason behind at least one of these.
About a year ago I was introduced to the Terrazas de los Andes Winemaker – Gustavo Sanchez. It could have been the South American accent or the vertigo I was experiencing from being on the 63rd floor of a lush new Dubai hotel – but I fell hook line and sinker for this Argentinean, Mendoza Valley vineyard. The hook came in the form of the most beautifully amazing, aromatic and inky wine – Afincado Malbec 2004. Of course my taste buds fell in love with the rarest of their range, the wine that is only produced in the best of years. E.g. The wine, which I will most likely not be able to afford!It was this wine that made me stop and realise that all these years I’ve simply just been flirting with Malbec, when really it should have been – me + a bottle or 2 + a heavenly fire-place and heck maybe a South American version of Edward Cullen to keep toping up my glass.I swear I can still smell the black cherries and plums jumping from the glass. On the palate even though it was extremely rich and full-bodied, the tannins seemed to melt in your mouth. It is a lot more approachable than the French Malbecs, without losing that brilliant fruit spectrum – its velvet to the taste buds.

At approximately US$45 – it’s a small price to pay for an Edward Cullen substitute and it won’t cause any jealousy with the boyfriend/husband either.

If you’re keen to learn more about Malbec, be sure to check out my Malbec grape profile.

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  1. Brilliant, I’m now going to hunt out a Malbec from Salta – thanks for the tip Nicole and for popping by 🙂 Cheers, Casey

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