Support Women in Wine with ‘hear me roar’ 2018 Shiraz

Digging into a bottle of hear me roar 2018 shiraz to support women in the wine industryIn Australia, the number of people who graduate with winemaking and viticulture qualifications is roughly 50/50 female and male. However, only 10% of the people in these roles are female. And I hear this figure is declining. As a female small business owner, who works in a fairly male-dominated industry myself (SEO & Google Ads), I love to support women doing what they love.

Which is why when a sample of hear me roar showed up on my doorstep, I knew I had to help spread the word. Plus when you’re combining a good cause with good wine, what’s not to like?

Introducing the world’s first wine produced by women to raise funds for women in wine

The hear me roar wine project came to fruition thanks to the Australian Women In Wine Awards and a number of people and businesses in the Australian wine community.

100% of the sales profit of hear me roar goes directly to assist women with scholarships, mentoring programs and professional development in the wine industry. Which I think is pretty great. Life is way to short to not do something you love right?

hear me roar is named after the iconic ‘I Am Woman’ song by Helen Reddy released in 1971. It was this song which championed the feminist movement in the 1970s which changed women’s lives.

Who made hear me roar?

hear me roar is a joint effort between four renowned Australian winemakers who have blended Shiraz grapes from South Australia’s Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, Eden Valley, and McLaren Vale.

The winemakers involved include:

  • Sue Hodder of Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate
  • Emma Norbiato of Calabria Family Wines in the Barossa Valley
  • Rebekah Richardson of Irvine Wines in the Eden Valley
  • Corrina Wright of Oliver’s Taranga in McLaren Vale

These 4 women in wine blended the fruit in October 2018 at Irvine Wines.

hear me roar 2018 shiraz winemakers

I’d also like to mention the companies which have donated services and products to help the hear me roar project. These include:

  • denomination for the label design
  • Prowine for the bottling
  • Visy for the cartons
  • Vinpac International for the caps
  • Multi-Color Global Label Solutions for the labels

hear me roar 2018 shiraz - supporting women in wine

What does hear me roar taste like?

The wine has been made in a medium-bodied style with:

beautiful, bright fruit, a layered palate and fine velvety tannins to finish”.

The technical tasting note is:

Colour: Vibrant crimson
Nose: Blackcurrant, spice and fresh red berries with a hint of mocha
Palate: Elegant and complex, multiple layers starting with berry fruit then moving through hints of coffee and finishing with soft velvety tannins.
Cellaring potential: Drink now, but will age gracefully over the next 8 – 10 years.

Yum! How good does that sound!

Shiraz makes a great food wine. I especially love Shiraz with curry, you can read about this and 11 other Shiraz and food matches I’ve enjoyed here.

hear me roar 2018 shiraz to help support women in wine

Where can you buy hear me roar?

There are strictly limited quantities of hear me roar. Minimum order is 6 bottles for $180, which is $30 per bottle. Plus, free shipping throughout Australia!

You can buy hear me roar on the Irvine Wines website and help more women with their wine careers.

My tasting note:


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International Women’s Day may have been on Friday, however every day we should celebrate in my opinion! Yesterday I cooked from scratch a butter chicken curry and naan bread to match with this sample of hear me roar 2018 Shiraz. I’m a fiend for Shiraz and curry, it goes so well! The reason I jumped in this picture, no make-up, red faced from cooking (I had only had a sip of wine at this stage) and in my ‘couch sack dress’ ready for a night of Netflix is because this is me. Kudos to Mr Spittoon for getting a not bad ‘one shot only’ photo! I simply love wine and sharing my journey with anyone who’s interested. I’ve been criticised and gone through nasty and uncalled for situations because of this blog. Which seems silly since it’s about wine! I may be awkward, a little shy and completely clumsy, but at the end of the day, I love my wine and I love supporting all the people who make up the wine industry. Plus I know the majority of people who read the TC blog are awesome and share my same passions – so cheers to you! This bottle of ‘hear me roar’ is an excellent initiative that I’m proud to support. The proceeds go to assisting women with scholarships, mentoring programs and professional development in the wine industry. Which I think is pretty great. Life is way to short to not do something you love right? What’s equally as awesome is the wine is delicious! From its rich red-purple plum colour to the juicy black & red fruit with lovely spice and smooth vanilla on the nose to plentiful fruit and flavour in the mouth with an alluring mocha finish. Such a delight! Head over to the blog to read more before I turn this post into a book ? All opinions are based on my own taste buds. Wine is subjective & always evolving, so make sure you drink what you enjoy! #gifted #opinionsaremyown #tcweekdaywine #tctastingnotes

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8 thoughts on “Support Women in Wine with ‘hear me roar’ 2018 Shiraz

  1. Thanks for popping by! They’re definitely shocking stats, hopefully, in years to come, they’ll improve. Shiraz and curry is the BEST!

  2. It is sad that we’ve still go so far to go Robin, but we’re getting there slowly, which is good. I love this project, it’s definitely a great way to work together!

  3. Alright…this was my anthem as a little girl growing up in the 70’s. I love Helen Reddy and I used to belt this song with the record in the living room at 6 years old! It’s sad to see how far we still have to go. Working together is key and this project is a great way to get the word out and support education and mentoring in the wine industry for women!

  4. What a fantastic project and I truly hope it helps to support many more women in wine. Interesting that the numbers taking the programs are equal but that it’s not translating into more women in the winemaking role…yet?!

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