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  1. Nice blog and yes today women played very important role in all sectors. This blog give more confidence to women to the best.

  2. Thanks for popping by! They’re definitely shocking stats, hopefully, in years to come, they’ll improve. Shiraz and curry is the BEST!

  3. It is sad that we’ve still go so far to go Robin, but we’re getting there slowly, which is good. I love this project, it’s definitely a great way to work together!

  4. Sounds like a good wine for a great cause! Hard to believe those numbers, in terms of degrees vs. holding. Well unfortunately maybe not so hard. Curious about the Shiraz & curry pairing idea too.

  5. Alright…this was my anthem as a little girl growing up in the 70’s. I love Helen Reddy and I used to belt this song with the record in the living room at 6 years old! It’s sad to see how far we still have to go. Working together is key and this project is a great way to get the word out and support education and mentoring in the wine industry for women!

  6. I know, that stat really shocked me too! Here’s hoping over the coming years we see more of an equal balance ?

  7. What a fantastic project and I truly hope it helps to support many more women in wine. Interesting that the numbers taking the programs are equal but that it’s not translating into more women in the winemaking role…yet?!