Restaurant Wine Lists on iPads

A wine list in a restaurant can only say so much, and recently I have noticed they don’t seem to say the things which I actually want to know about the wine. Also the last thing I want to do on a date / lovely dinner is sit there and ask fifty billion questions to the waiter or sommelier about all the products on the menu – and rule of thumb is don’t piss off the people serving your food or drinks.

So when I heard about top Atlanta restaurant Bone’s implementing the iCellar I have started to believe that restaurant wining and dining is coming into a new area and I like it. Diners at Bone’s are not given a dusty old heavy leather bound wine list anymore but a swanky new iPad – holding tasting notes, ratings and all the info one could need about their 1,350 bottle long wine list.

Now there are two reasons I would not be a good date at Bone’s; firstly I would want to play with the toy and secondly, 1350 wines – I would want to crawl up into the corner with a glass of vino and read away, undisturbed. But really it is a fantastic idea and bulls*** about all this taking the job of the sommelier away – heelllooo I haven’t recently seen an iPad walking around lately with arms and hands to decant that Cab for me. Plus some people would prefer to discuss their choices so in the end it is just another aid to their wine service.

Bone’s have already noticed an 11% increase in wine sales, this could be due to the novelty of the idea but time will surely tell and if you ask me I am sure these handy widgets are going to be popping up in restaurants all over the globe.

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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