Must-Have Gifts for Dedicated Wine Lovers

Gifts for Wine Lovers

So over the last few days I have been sharing around a gifts for wine lovers post that I did back in 2016 here on the blog. I then realised that there are so many more awesome new products on the market that a 2nd edition was in order. So I have poured myself one very large glass of wine and I am going to share with basically what is on my Christmas wishlist this year.

Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s Day / Father’s Day or literally a present for anytime of the year – if you’re buying for a devoted lover of the grape, then I am sure they will love these…

Sunglasses made from wine barrels

Yes these are on my list! As soon as I spotted these Mt Difficulty Wines sunnies on Facebook, I tagged Mr. Spittoon (aka my Santa).

The glasses are made from used Pinot Noir oak barrels in New Zealand. Due to the natural colour graduation of the French oak and the maturation time of the Bannockburn Pinot inside the barrel, each pair of these wine sunglasses is completely unique.

The glasses are a collaboration between Mt Difficulty and Hawkes Bay eco-eyewear brand, Duskies.

They retail for NZ$195 and come with polarised lenses, a case and lens cloth. I want these! You can buy these wine sunglasses online via the Mt Difficulty website.

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Bath Caddy with wine holder

Totally affordable and totally useful. I have been hanging out for months for these to come back in stock at K-mart.

These bamboo bath caddy’s are a mere $15 and before you ask, it feels pretty sturdy. When I was setting up the below picture, I had my glass (in its cool like slip in nook, so you can’t spill it) on it and also the weight of the bottle – so it seems to hold a bit of weight! Actually according to the specs, it holds up to 2kg.

I’d totally recommend this gift for anyone who loves a wine and bit of relaxation time.

Find out more about the bath caddy on K-mart’s website.

Swarovski Champagne Flutes

Mr. Spittoon bought my Swarovski flutes for me when we were living in Dubai about 6 years okay and I actually saw them at Morley’s Galleria Shopping Mall the other day here in Perth.

Okay so there is the big thing about wine glasses being better to drink champagne out of than flutes, but what can I say, I love ,y sparkler flutes. They are the ultimate lush accessory when pulling out a bottle of something delicious.

However I have to admit, they are the kind of glasses that you have 2 glasses out of and then put away. I would literally ugly cry all night if one of mine broke!

In Australia you can buy a set the flutes online for $499 via the Swarovski website.

Wine High Heels

My cork high heels which have bunches of grapes painted on the bottom are always an awesome talking point when I am out and about! They are made by Taylor Says and I bought mine from over in America. Surprisingly to ship to Australia, they were only about AU$120.

Wine Necklace & Bracelet

You may have seen pictures of this wine-y necklace and/or bracelet floating around Facebook. How cute is it!!

You can choose between white wine or red wine in the glass and between sterling silver or gold-plated.

The bracelets are handmade to order in America –  you can find out further details via the Shine On website.

What’s on your wishlist??

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