Manhattan Grill – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Everyone loves a good steakhouse – minus the veggie lovers of course (though this may be the best one for the veggies of us anyway!). In the past 6 months I have visited the Manhattan Grill at Dubai’s Grand Hyatt twice and its horrible to say but everything bar the steak was exceptional. I don’t know if I am simply being fussy as I am no connoisseur of steak but really if I am struggling to cut through my medium cooked steak that is not a good sign. If this is really how they wish to cook their steak perhaps they should invest in sharper cutlery?

However on the other hand we have a beautiful ambience – dark wood, low lighting, candles and all the quirks for that perfectly romantic evening. Portions were great, with my chewy steak came thick potato chips on the side as well as grilled avocado (delish!), artichokes and spinach. The dessert was also delectable – Oreo cheesecake with a berry sauce on the side.

Now both times I went were work related, so the first dinner was completely matched with Edward Mouiex’s wines (unfortunately no Petrus but the Chateau Hosanna 2004 was surprisingly delectable), and the second was a GlenGrant dinner (a good single malt alternative to Chivas!). Though I was able to grab a couple of glasses off the wine list – with my cesar salad I was served something I knew oh too well – Wither Hills 09 Sauvy and in contrast to my last review of this wine it was a treat with the cesar salad – the freshness reflecting in both the food and wine. With my steak I was served a Brown Brothers Shiraz, which was as disappointing as the steak – I didn’t even finish the glass, which is so unlike me!

I would definitely recommend going there but perhaps opt for the lamb or salmon over the beef – and also make sure you take your date for a stroll through the indoor rainforest in the hotel. Yes, you read it right, indoor rainforest ! Only in Dubai !!!

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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