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Wine Glass at Red Sky Bar in BangkokI have to be honest, I am terrible with phones – they are either getting lost, stolen, or I hate to say it – being dropped down the toilet (true story!). Though I have found a phone that is very liquid friendly… well to be more specific – wine friendly. This is the phone, that I think even the biggest techno-phobe would overcome just to access its wine applications – the iPhone. Now these applications are basically downloads for your phone which are either free or you can pay a small price for the better more advanced versions.

The first application which caught my eye was the Wine Notes application. It is completely free of charge and is basically an electronic wine journal which for me is perfect! It means when I am out and about I can simply whip out my iPhone, input all my tasting notes from the colour to the flavours to a photo of the label and volia done. Much more classy than pulling out a notepad and a lot more accurate than my memory, especially when 2 or 3 bottles are involved!

As I’m only in the dream stages of my own personal cellar I haven’t had much use for this application just yet, but I know as soon as these dreams turn to reality I’ll be knocking on the doors of such applications as: Cellar – Manage Your Own Wine Collection. Applications like these are amazing; you can manage your whole entire cellar inventory and flick through all your bottles with a swipe of a finger.

Now I am hardly brushing the surface here, as there is an application for all your wine needs, from wine and food matches to wine reviews to where your closest bottle shops are to your location. Even a dictionary of wine terms if you’re stuck in a situation where you need to ‘talk wine’.

Here are a few to check out;

1. Drync Wine (virtual cellar, up to 800,000 wines)

2. iPairings (wine, food and cheese)

3. Hello Vino (wine recommendations)

4. Wine Enthusiast Guide (wine 101)

5. Wine Snob (virtual tasting journal)

I know a few people who maybe adding an iPhone to their Christmas wish-lists this year!

Grab a glass of wine and let me know what you think...

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