Your Guide to Drinking Chenin Blanc (& Why It’s Awesome)

Your Guide to Drinking Chenin BlancOn the weekend I attended a Vertical Chenin Blanc tasting at John Kosovich Wines here in the Swan Valley and it really got me thinking about this white wine grape variety. As winemaker, Arch Kosovich, said – it was probably one of the only/first vertical tastings of Chenin Blanc in Australia. I really enjoyed the tasting, so much so, that I simply knew I had to write-up a post purely dedicated to this variety. Continue reading

Myanmar Wine – Monte di Vino Lodge at Aythaya Vineyard

Dinner - Monte di Vino Lodge - Aythaya Vineyard
Today on the blog we have a very special guest – my Dad! Currently my parents and family friends are travelling in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and guess what? There are vineyards there! I am so glad my Dad wanted to write a guest post for us as surely this has to be one of those very unique wine travel experiences in the world! Enjoy guys! Continue reading

Moscato Wine – Your Ultimate Guide

Moscato Wine GuideThe weather is warming up (slowly) which means everyone is starting to crave chilled wines out on the patio. One wine style term which I have seen thrown around more and more over the past couple of years is ‘Moscato’.

Typically when a lot of people think about Moscato, they think; sweet, bubbly and for the younger female market. I am female, I like bubbly, but I don’t typically drink the sweeter styles however I have found a few Moscato’s which have gone down pretty nicely. So today I want to open the bottle on Moscato and find out what it’s really about… Continue reading